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700hp in the winter in a 67 Camaro – Roadkill

One of the best episodes of Roadkill with Finegan and Freiburger driving the Crusher Camaro across the states after installing a LS7 from Mast Motorsport.

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Pro Charger Installation

Installing a Pro Charger system on a 2008 Mustang. The Pro Charger system generally increased hp by 60%-65% which really makes a difference. The system can be installed in a weekend usually. ATI ProCharger’s Nick…

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1951 Kaiser Manhattan

Industrial designer Keith Charvonia stops by and talks to Jay Leno about his 1951 Kaiser Manhattan amazing restomod it took eight years to build by himself in his home garage. The car started out as…

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GMC Syclone – 500bhp of awesomeness

Before even starting to watch this film, I knew it was going to be awesome just from the photo. Syclones are great – awesome trucks out of the box. They are a rare truck that…

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1965 Chevrolet Corvette

When did you first realize that you loved cars? Maybe it was the time you caught a glimpse of a Ferrari as you were sitting in the back of your parents minivan. Or maybe it…

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