jeep fountain hill

Jeep tough enough for fountain hill protesters

Wonder if seeing a Jeep make it through the protesters unblemished, will create sales for jeep. In a crime and danger focused world. The Jeep looks tough in this video. That the angry protesters are…

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chevy pro mega racing truck

Pro Mega Trucks

Wow this is exciting to watch, its kinda of a cross between forerunners, baja racers and monster trucks all mixed up and this is the offspring. These mega trucks really get up and go, many…

mustang crash

Mustang Crash Leaving Car Show

This guy gives it a bit too much leaving a car show and hits disaster. He never recovers the Ford Mustang and it smashes it up proper. The Mustang really just gets away from him…

chevy silverado

Chevy Tough Going Up a Mountain

This chevrolet goes up the mountain like a train, impressive driving too, when it gets near the top, you wonder how its going to work out. The truck is supposed to be stock. But as…

lamborghini gallardo

Is this abuse of a Lamborghini

Is this abuse of a Lamborghini? more money than sense? when you can’t get the most out of a Lamborhini on a public road, normally you head to a track day. Not this guy. Do…

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