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audi a1
The Audi A1 is based upon the Volkswagen Polo platform. Don’t be alarmed by this. Many manufacturers share platforms these days. The Volkswagen Polo platform is a good platform. Audi takes this platform and refines it further for their own application.

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The Audi A1 has stylish contemporary looks and designs accents from other Audi models. It is possible to add many options to the car. Which allows buyers to purchase a car based upon their own tastes. Which is great. The downside is that it is then possible to option the Audi A1 to such an extent that you end up with quite an expensive super mini.

interior audi a1

As an alternative to the Mini, the Audi feels more grown up and you don’t feel as much of a lad about town or a foxtons estate agent.
The interior design layout is good with a feeling of quality associated with larger Audis. The controles are well designed and easy to use. The front seats adjust giving both small and larger drivers the ability to tailor their driving position.
The Audi A1 would be a practical car for either a single person or a couple with small children. There is more room in the back than a Mini, but it lacks headroom and legroom. It does have a good sized boot and the rear seats fold flat enabling greater load capacity.

audi a1

The Audi A1 is a nice car to drive and it handles really well. However the ride is firm and might not be to everyones tastes around town. Once you get onto the motorway, the ride is assured and good. Not as dynamic as the Mini though.

audi a1

Being an Audi it is a reliable car with very few reports of faults. The steering and gearbox are the stronger elements of the drivetrain. Many owners have felt that the 1.4 is underpowered and doesn’t feel like 122bhp. The Audi A1 supposedly weighs as much as 100kg less than the Mini.

Thirst, yes, while the official figures are encouraging, many owners report that the petrol models are not as economical to drive as claimed. The diesels are quite noisy, but give better mpg. All petrol engines are turbocharged. All models supposedly can do more than 50mpg.

Watch out for options on the Audi A1 they can add significantly to the cost of the car overall. However all models come with alloys and air conditioning as standard.

Our choice would be the 1.4 TSFI 122 Sport if we were to purchase an Audi A1.

Price around £16k
Bhp 122
Lb ft 146
Mpg 53
0-60mph 9secs
Max Speed 125mph.

Mini Cooper – more dynamic to drive, better ride.
Volkswagen Polo – same platform and cheaper.
Citroen DS3 – great engine and gearbox if you go for the 1.6.

Owners views on Audi A1

Quite varied viewpoints. Most owners liked the Audi A1. The cars looks were a significant factor in purchase aswell as the interior quality. Free road tax on some models was also a motivating factor. Good anticipated used residuals aswell. Some owners did report issues with sensors on their Audi A1.
Many did not feel the fuel economy lived upto expectations. Driving style could be a factor, but enough comments to warrant an awareness of this potential issue, if economy is an important buying consideration.
A few owners felt the 1.4 petrol with 122bhp did not feel that powerful.
Over the Audi A1 is a well rounded package and has the prestige of the Audi badge, it is a good car and with limitless options, you can build a car around your tastes.

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