BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series is one of the best selling cars in the UK. This is not by chance, the BMW 1 Series has a comprehensive range of models, combined with a wide range of trims, engines and transmissions.
Ride quality is improved on the latest 1 series over the previous model. All models have a driving experience setting that offers, comfort, economy and sport. Engines range in size from 1.6 up to 3-litre with over 300bhp.

The driving position is good and there is comfort for those sitting in the front. However the rear is short on space. The interior quality is high as you would expect on this new model. The BMW 1 Series is characterized by all models being very economical. The 118d can do over 60mpg.

Overall a well packaged car with badge appeal. Watch out for the options list, as this can take a car that is competitively priced and send it into the stratosphere.

Our choice
BMW 1 Series 118 SE
Price £22,000
Bhp 144
Lb ft 237
Mpg 63
0-60mph 9secs

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