BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a legendary car that has had its ups and downs in the past few years, from a high standard of quality that brought popularity to high sales that eventually led to a fall in the quality. BMW says that the quality is back on track and that the new 3 Series is the best yet. There is even a four wheel drive.

As you would expect the 3 Series is absolutely superb to drive. It is refined and comfortable, the ride is perhaps not as firm as the previous model, depending on what version you are driving. The steering is direct and provides excellent feedback.

There is plenty of room all around, the current model provides slightly more room in the rear than the previous model. The boot has lots of space. The interior is manufactured with quality materials which provides a pleasant environment to be. The BMW 3 series is a very practical car to own.
All the engines that BMW builds are excellent. Your choice will come down to budget and what level of economy and performance that you want.

Our choice

320d Efficient Dynamics Saloon
Price £28,775
Mpg 68
0-60mph 8secs
Bhp 161
Lb ft 280

Cars to consider as alternative
Mercedes C-Class
Audi A4

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