Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a cheeky fun car, based upon the award winning Panda platform. The Fiat 500 can be customized to your heart content. The 500 is definitely a stylish package, which was really eye catching when it first hit the streets.
One criticism of the sportier models is the high seating position, while this might appeal to some, for the more serious driver, this leaves the driver feeling detached from the chassis and road. There is not much rear room, but as an around town car for the busy young exec, this is a cool choice.

The gearstick is mounted high up which takes some getting used to. The TwinAir model provides good performance with 68Mpg. While the 500 is not as well engineered as the Mini. What the 500 does best is put a smile on your face. You can have fun driving the 500, achieve good mpg and enjoy low running costs.

You can go for the Abarth model with 135bhp or upgrade to 160bhp. We would definitely go for the 160bhp which really creates an entertaining drive. But keep in mind, while the TwinAir doesn’t have the styling of the Abarth, its almost as much fun to drive.

Our choice
£11,900 but haggle!
0.9 TwinAir
Bhp 85
Lb ft 105
Mpg 68
0-60mph 11

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