Ford Fiesta

A evergreen model, the Fiesta has always been popular and is the top selling car in the UK. The first thing that grabs you visually is the Aston Martin grill. Which while stylish is slightly weird looking when you see the Fiesta driving along the road towards you. But small styling point aside.
The Ford Fiesta is not Britain’s best selling car by chance. The big change for the Fiesta is the Ecoboost engine which is great on many levels, better refinement and fuel economy.

The chassis is one of the best small car chassis around. The stomping ST makes the best of what this chassis has to offer. The steering is direct and well weighted. The pick of the models is the Ecoboost. No question about it.

The interior is well thought out and the controls are all easy to use. There is a good amount of space in the rear.

Overall the Fiesta is the best value small car. While the badge might not have the prestige of some other marques, as no nonsense can do car, it is hard to fail the Fiesta.

Our choice
Fiesta 1-litre Ecoboost
125Lb ft
0-60mph 11secs

Other options
VW Polo
Renault Clio
Peugeot 208

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