Ford Focus

One of my personal favourites, the Ford Focus is the UK’s second best selling car after the Ford Fiesta. A combination of great design, excellent engineering, brilliant quality finish, a car that sets new standards in the mass market. This is Ford’s global car. So with this in mind, the car doesn’t have the sharpness in the handling dept that previous models have had.
The handling is still excellent and the ride is good. The interior is spacious and well thought out.
Again as with the Fiesta. The ecoboost engine is the one to go for with the Ford Focus. You would think of it on the face of it. 1-litre engine – no way. But trust us, the ecoboost engine is awesome and we have really positive comments from owners.
For those who are not obsessed with brand image, the Ford Focus is the car to buy if you are using your head. The car comes with a good level of standard equipment.
The Ford Focus is one of the best cars on sale today.

Our choice
Any of the ecoboost engines.

Other options
Volkswagen Golf
Vauxhall Astra
Hone Civic

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