Mercedes C Class

The Mercedes C Class, one thing that stands out, perhaps my imagination is how many face lifts the C Class has had over recent years. Maybe time is moving quicker.
The current model is a lot more dynamic to drive than previous models. The chassis is a big improvement over previous models. The ride on all models with exception of the more sporty ones is good and absorbs whatever the road may bring. The Mercedes C Class is a very comfortable car with a real sense of quality about it, again which other models have lacked in the past.
The Mercedes C Class is a great car, not quite as good as a BMW 3 series, but the difference is very small. Anyone who buys a C Class won’t feel short changed.
The C Class is a very desirable car with excellent depreciation. There is such a wide selection of good engines, that your choice should be based on the criteria of your needs. We would probably go for a diesel engine for the increased economy and ease of driving. The torque on some of the engines, particularly the 250CDI is awesome, hitting almost 400Lb ft.
The Mercedes C Class would overall be a satisfying car to own.

Our Choice
Any of the diesel engines.

Alternative choices
BMW 3 Series
Audi A4
Lexus IS

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