The current Mini will stand out for a long time as a car that brought a classic brand to life and reinvigorated it. The sales figures for the Mini have been superfantastic. One of the most fun cars to drive. A range of options and models that is so extensive now, that there is something for everyone.
All the engines are great, it is best to match your requirements with the engine, rather than choosing one engine over another based upon its ability, as we would advise with some other cars.
When the Mini first came out, I thought, who is going to pay £24,000 for a Mini. How wrong was I.
I still think it is expensive, but you do get a great car in return.
The Mini is a quality car as you would imagine. The engineering is superb, the interior is well laid out, its cool and chic.
The steering is direct and it is easy to place the car where you want on the road. It is a great drive.
The only downside is it has limited passenger room in the back and the boot is small. But the upsides are so strong that you overlook this elements.
When buying get the servicing package if it makes economic sense. When choosing options don’t go crazy, as its easy to end up spending a lot more than might be sensible.
The diesel engine does great mileage.

Our choice
Mini Cooper
about £14,000
bhp 122
Lb ft 119
0-60mph 9secs

Citroen DS3
Audi A1
Alfa MiTo

Simply the best car of its kind. Build quality is great, driving ability is great, fun factor included. The Mini has been the benchmark by which all other cars have to be judged. BMW really nailed the Mini when they brought the new version out back in 2000, wow time flies when you are having fun.
The range of personalization that is available for the Mini is extensive. The downside of this, is that you can make a car which is already quite expensive, really expensive.

The Mini Cooper is a model choice, it combines a great 122bhp engine with a good level of standard trim. There is a new model going to be launched very soon, it was unveiled back in November 2013. No doubt this will build on the success of the models before.

The interiors on the Mini have a good quality feel to them, the dials and switches are well laid out. The front seats are comfortable. The rear seats are really only useful for children. The seating position of the Mini is very good with good all round visibility with the exception of the convertible with the top up.

The Mini has very good resale values, but be careful to choose options for the car which are not too extreme, if you are concerned with selling the car at its maximum value in the future.


Citroen DS3
Audi A1
Fiat 500
Alfa Romeo Mito

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