Ferrari FXX

ferrari fxx

Ferrari FXX was the ultimate track day experience, with owners taking active roles in the ongoing development of the Ferrari FXX.
The Ferrari FXX is a high performance race car and prototype built by automobile manufacturer Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. The FXX is based on the street-legal Enzo. Production of the FXX began in 2005.

The engine is based on a the Enzos engine and has been bored out to 6.2 litres, developing over 800bhp and probably closer to 900bhp. Michael Schumacher was given a black Ferrari FXX. All the owners of these cars were previous Ferrari owners. They took part in an ongoing development programme where new technology and fine tunning of the FXX progressed.
The Ferrari FXX took part in an episode of Top Gear and was the quickest car around the circuit, but was subsequently banned from the leader board due to it not being street legal and running on slicks.

Ferrari FXX Specifications

Engine: 6.3 L V12 Longitudinal, rear-mid-mounted, 75-degree, naturally aspirated aluminium V12
Valvetrain: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder with continuously variable timing
Fuel system: Bosch Motronic ME7 Sequential Electronic Injection
Max power: 588 kW (799 PS; 789 hp) at 8500 rpm[2]
Max torque: 686 N·m (506 lb·ft) at 5750 rpm[2]
Specific Output: 128 PS (94 kW; 126 hp) per litre[2]
Drive system: RWD w/TCS
Construction: Carbon fibre body over carbon fibre tub with rear alloy subframe
Front brakes: Brembo CCM (carbon-ceramic) discs w/6-piston calipers, power assist ABS
Rear brakes: Brembo CCM (carbon-ceramic) discs w/4-piston calipers, power assist ABS
0-60 mph acceleration: 2.44s
Front wheels: 483 mm (19.0 in) x 229 mm (9.0 in)
Rear wheels: 483 mm (19.0 in) x 330 mm (13 in)
Steering: Rack and pinion with power assistance
Suspension: Double wishbones with push-rod actuated coil-shock units, adaptive dampers, electronic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Wheelbase: 2,650 mm (104 in)[3]
Front track: 1,660 mm (65 in)
Rear track: 1,650 mm (65 in)
Rear view is provided by a roof mounted video camera displayed on a small inboard screen.[3]
Top Speed: 365 kilometres per hour (227 mph)

The Ferrari FXX programme was ended in 2009.

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