700hp in the winter in a 67 Camaro – Roadkill

One of the best episodes of Roadkill with Finegan and Freiburger driving the Crusher Camaro across the states after installing a LS7 from Mast Motorsport. This Roadkill reveals what it’s really like to work at HOT ROD Magazine. Follow along to get the behind-the-scenes dirt on how we pulled off the Roadkill Live engine swap in the Crusher Camaro at the 2013 Performance Racing Industry trade show, then watch the 2,400-mile trip home from Indy to LA in the Crusher Camaro–including visits with Funny Car Racer Tony Pedregon, Steve Schmidt Racing Engines, and Finnegan’s dad! It all ends with a session at the drag strip where the Crusher went quicker than it ever has.

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