Chevrolet C10 Build – Part One

Craftsman and the guys at the Roadster Shop are teaming up to convert a Chevrolet C10 into a high performance muscle truck that will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Heroes At Home. The Chevrolet C10 is a very popular truck to hot rod, with a wide range of aftermarket parts available.

Finding the right candidate for the Roadster Shop’s next high performance muscle truck is a process.

In this episode of roadster the guys are working on disassembly and rust repair.

In this episode of roadster the guys are making the perfect chassis to make this old C10 dominate at a road course

The signature roadster shop chassis is done and now it’s time to mount the body. But since this truck is going to be lowered there’s a complex process that needs to be addressed.

Bolting everything together is fairly easy. But once you have to start making the panels look like they fit it can get tedious because you have to cut and move metal around and make all the gaps on the truck look nice.

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