Driving without car insurance

According to a recent study as many as 1 in 10 motorists are driving without insurance. The study by Lake Market Research claims that many motorists are driving without insurance due to the fact that motorists feel that they are being ripped off. The study says that there are 2.5 million cars without insurance.
Julie Hodgson said: “There is a lack of consumer confidence in the market due to a lack of transparency. It is all about the price of car insurance. Motorists think they’re being ripped off.”
A small number of motorists might be uninsured due to hard times and not using their cars in hard times.
There is no mention of how many immigrants are driving uninsured in the capital for example.
In our opinion there are a lot of people out there who sadly cannot afford to insure their cars. The current economic climate where fuel and food has steadily increased in price has meant that many families can no longer afford to run a car.
A study by the RAC showed that many people are spending a third of their income on the cost of running a car. According to the study an astonishing 800,000 spent at least 31% of their disposable income on motoring costs in 2012. That is an incredible figure.
What is so dumb about this whole situation is the government.
You can go to any high street in any town and see a significant proportion of shops for rent. People who would not be included in the 800,000 ‘poor’ simply don’t make speculative journeys to shops because of the cost of fuel. People don’t just think ‘I will drive over to the other side of town and have a look at that shop to see if it has any…..’. Because of the rise in fuel costs.
The result is many shops feel an even greater squeeze on their income. Businesses with field sales staff are further squeezed.
While on the one hand the government rubs its hands from the tax on fuels. The reality is that the price of fuel is crippling the economy.
Poor people are less mobile as they cannot afford petrol or cars that are efficient.
Local shops particularly specialist or unusual shops don’t play on a level playing field to many internet giants that have been responsible for their demise.
In 2011 amazon had sales in the UK of £3,500,000,000 how much tax did it pay on this – £1,800,000.

Lets put those numbers beside each other to see thats 3,500,000,000 – 1,800,000 or £3.5billion in sales and £1.8m in tax. Is there something wrong there?
I shop probably 10 times a year on amazon for books, I love the shopping experience, but surely there is something wrong with this situation.

There is also the argument that business rates and lack of support from local councils is another factor in people being deterred from renting commercial property.

Whatever way you dice it, high fuel prices, which are only set to rise further hurt the local economies. It is also a major reason why people are driving their cars without insurance.

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